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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Mother's Birthday Card

My mother who is living in the Philippines made my birthday extra special. She did not forget to send me a birthday card on my birthday. The messages in the card made me cry because I know it means so much between us. Thanks Mom for loving me!

It's Been A While...

... since I updated my blog. I know it takes a lot of patience and time to update a blog. But sometimes things are just getting out of control and made me lazy to update or even visit other blogs. I know in time I can still continue and do some progress here.

My husband and I were very busy since we got back from our trip to Chicago. Been cleaning the house and painting the floor. We are thinking of getting a loan for a renovation and studying about loan modification leads to finance our needs.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Presents

Wena's gift

Edelyn's gift

Roche's gift

For my birthday last September 29, I am blessed with so much birthday gifts. I love receiving gifts, don't you? My friends are so good to me and I am so blessed for having them in my life. Thank you, God for all the nice friends around me. Thank you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Art Of Martial Arts

Learning martial arts can be so easy if you have the willingness and discipline to learn it. I love watching martial arts movies and just by watching it, it makes me feel like I wanted to be a part of it. Maybe its not yet too late for me to learn self-defense. I can try some tricks and some moves. I have to take some classes but before that, I should get me a sparring gear to start learning. I can find the best deals on sparring equipment at KarateMart.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Beef Curry

My husband is my number one fan when it comes to my cooking. He just loves what I cook except for those dishes that's alien to him. He will never ever eat. He seldom eats fish and pasta and somehow, I can refresh an ordinary dish to an extraordinary dish and he just loved it! Last week, I prepared a beef curry for our dinner and it was really good. I cooked this dish may times as per husband's request.

Unique Expression

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Ride With Me

Bicycling is one of the hobbies that I and my husband enjoyed so much. We go for a bike ride in the afternoon to relieve the stress from work. This winter time, we will go for a long vacation and we will enjoy everything under the sun. We hope that there will be cruiser bicycles around the area where we will stay so we can enjoy biking together and can go anywhere with our own bicycle rides. I am sure that there will be beach bikes for rent along the beach for easy access to explore around the area. I just can't for our upcoming vacation!