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Friday, June 26, 2009

Here I Am!

After one week of not being online, not visiting any other blogs, not posting anything to my blog, I am finally back. My PC was in the computer shop for over a week and I felt so laid back after being offline from the internet world. It feels like, I am restless and looking for something new. I watched TV a lot, I worked harder and never mind what time of the day it is. I guess, when I faced my computer a lot, I am out of nowhere because I focus more what's on my screen especially that I got addicted from Farm Town in my Facebook. Everyone is hooked with this virtual game. It feels like my own farm sanctuary and I enjoyed it a lot.

Four days more and the month of June will be over. I am living in the United States for almost 2 years now (July 4, 2009 will be 2 years). I felt like there's a lot of changes. Maybe because we have moved 3 times already and travels a lot too. I like finding myself looking for some challenges, some changes and some adventures on our way. My husband and I are inseparable at all times. I am living a wonderful and happy life. Thanks to God!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Are You Snobby?

You Are Not a Snob

In general, you're a very open minded and kind person.

There really isn't a snobby bone in your body. You are very accepting.

You're not afraid to be who you are... you're proud of your individuality.

In truth, you think that snobby people aren't good enough for you!