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Friday, June 26, 2009

Here I Am!

After one week of not being online, not visiting any other blogs, not posting anything to my blog, I am finally back. My PC was in the computer shop for over a week and I felt so laid back after being offline from the internet world. It feels like, I am restless and looking for something new. I watched TV a lot, I worked harder and never mind what time of the day it is. I guess, when I faced my computer a lot, I am out of nowhere because I focus more what's on my screen especially that I got addicted from Farm Town in my Facebook. Everyone is hooked with this virtual game. It feels like my own farm sanctuary and I enjoyed it a lot.

Four days more and the month of June will be over. I am living in the United States for almost 2 years now (July 4, 2009 will be 2 years). I felt like there's a lot of changes. Maybe because we have moved 3 times already and travels a lot too. I like finding myself looking for some challenges, some changes and some adventures on our way. My husband and I are inseparable at all times. I am living a wonderful and happy life. Thanks to God!


niko said...

aw kaya pala MIA ka for weeks na.. missed ur comments already :)

nice to know you have a happy and contented life na.. travel travel na lang :) sarap buhay!! am happy for u!!

o sya pag ok na pc mo.. wait kta sa blogs ko ha.. ingat lagi!!

Dhemz said...

oh my dear girlfriend...been a long time...I have missed you a lot....I know you are a busy career woman....keep up the good work girl...glad d mo parin kami nakakalimutan...:) wow 2 years ka na dito...way to go...hehehe....:)

eva said...

welcome back hazel. i hope your having a great day.


Hazelicious929 said...

Missing in action talaga ako Niks. pero I still visit your blogs I jst dont leave messages