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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

With today's economy, there's a lot of people changed their lifestyle. It was a big challenge for them just to survive this tough economy. I am one of them. I have been saving every penny I earned from working. It wasn't that bad if you just know how to handle your finances. From the TV commercials itself, they have been showing how to be frugal in our everyday life. Choosing from what insurance that will saves us a lot of money, tips on how to do our grocery shopping wisely and even switching to a better but affordable phone companies.

Have you heard about the Boost Mobile? It is one of Sprint's prepaid brands that offers wireless phones and services with no long-term contract. This is all we need to eliminate hidden and other service charges that is being charged to our wireless phone bills. Don't you think? The Boost Mobile redefines the value for wireless consumers with its "Monthly Unlimited" service, offering unlimited nationwide talk and text, surfing the web, including 411, e-mail and instant messaging for $50 per month. How cool is that? That means to say, I can update my own Facebook and Twitter account wherever I go without the hassle of bringing my heavy laptop computer to communicate with my loved ones. What's more cool about it was, Boost Mobile devices offer unlimited connectivity to Facebook for one price per month! That's so cool to know!

There are three ways or methods on how to Re-Boost or add funds to your Boost Mobile. First, yo can pay online. You can can use your credit or debit cards to set-up or register worry-free automatic payments or for future payments. Secondly, you can pay in person where you can find a re-boost location near you and lastly, You can pay by phone by using your Boost mobile to call the numbers. It is so easy and I am sure that the activation process will not take longer with some few easy steps to follow. I am already thinking getting the Blackberry phone for my husband so he can always reach me whenever he goes fishing or working on something he loves. It has a built-in digital camera so he can take pictures of the fishes he caught and show the,m all to me. Cool! This is the start of saving together on phones because communication is very important.

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