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Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello Friday!

How are y'all? I haven't been updating this blog lately because my hands are tied at work. I wish I can do more in a day but my body and brain gets tired after a long day at work. It's the Memorial Day weekend and we're hoping that we get busy at work this weekend. I am sure it's gonna be a long weekend for us.

I am enjoying my hobby. I love sending and receiving postcards all over the world. It all started when I first came here in United States. I sent postcards to my friends where ever I am. Now, that hobby is coming back to life and it's my friend's turn to send me postcards.


Anonymous said...

You work this weekend? Anyway, PM me at Facebook your address and I will send you a postcard of CT and it okay?

Dhemz said...

hhhehee...ako's coming back to life...before when I got here sige ko pada ug postcard....pero mas like ko na this time kay naa!

visiting here too!

chubskulit said...

Siege mo kasi ang payaman sis hehehe..