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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Fall Purse to Match My Downsized Wardrobe

Guest post written by Kathy Herman

I've been working really hard this summer to lose weight and I'm so proud to say that I've lost 20 pounds! This is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time and I finally reaped the rewards when I went shopping for fall clothes. But to go with all of those things, I need to make sure that I also get a few cute purses to go with my new downsized wardrobe so that I'll look all cute and pulled together with my new physique.

When it came to my accessories though, I did some online shopping because I wouldn't have to try those one and decide which size to wear. While I was online shopping for the purses, I ran across some info on clear TV. I looked through it and showed it to my roommates before I decided to change over our TV service to it.

I did find the perfect fall purse with this neutral light brown as the main color and dark gray as the accent colors on it. It looks so ladylike but still hip enough so that it will go with most of my outfits.


teJan said...

nice tips and idea;)..musta zel;)

Didi said...

Hey nice meeting you at the EB!! Take care

Didi said...

Hey nice meeting you at the EB. 8)