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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Must Love Pets

Our pets can bring joy to our lives. They can be silly, funny and sometimes annoying but still pets can be adorable and lovable. Back home, I got dogs and they are just lovely. When I moved here in the United States, I had a red bloodhound and a chocolate Labrador. My husband had two miniature dachshunds and they are all adorable! Our neighbors loved them too.


This May 3-9, 2009, HomeAgain supports the American Association's Be Kind to Animals Week. By donating $1 to, you are helping the animals to live longer and find their own home. A fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals and to encourage pet owners to be kind to their pets by outfitting them with proper identification that cannot fall off or become impossible to read.

The Home Again Web Site, boasts a collection of highly popular retailers. A portion of purchases made through this website goes to animal shelter for food and medical care. HomeAgain has helped recover more than 500,000 lost pets. For every purchase, it gives pets a chance to find their way to loving home. Let us help the animals live longer and give them our love. By registering, you can support a specific shelter or choose BRING PETS HOME to distribute the funds to animal shelters in need across the country.


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