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Friday, July 17, 2009

Just Visiting

Alright. I am still here after all. I just need more time to concentrate on blogging especially for the task that was given to me. For now, I just can't find enough time to think and give this blog a post. I am busy at work and being a wife. Plus, I am getting crazy (addicted) to this game at Facebook - Farm Town. It is the talk of the town.

When I wake up in the morning, I open my PC and play Farm Town. That's all I do when I am having a break at work. It is always Farm Town. I have been hiding to my boss and husband for playing this addictive game. Trust me, you will love Farm Town. So I have to go now and continue doing my work here. I need to save money, you know. I will see you every now and then. I am still here and I will try to make a post once in a while so you don't get visiting my page. Thanks!


amiable amy said...

LOL! dami ko invites dun pero saved for later...naku...hanggang harvest lang ako ...hala Enjoy ganda...miss you in blogland

pareho kayo ni janice and shy hahaha...farmtown lagi naka tambay

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...I've been addicted by this game....maau kay nag parehab nako dear...hehehhe....grabi woi, maka addict kaau....wala nako nag visit didto kay am sure daghan napod akong errands nga ma pending...hehehe....:) I love farmville too....unsa naman ka nga level sure akong mga tanom didto patay na...hehehhe...:)

have missed you dear..salamat for leaving a comment....I guess Akesha got that from her Papa..the love of music...:)

niko said...

oh i see kaya naman pla MIA ka.. mraming kaung addict na sa FT ha.. naku prang gusto ko na nga subukan hehehe

Beng said... wonder si hubby ko addicted na din sa facebook... never tried it pa first..hehehe

Sachi said...

yadz nabanhaw na diay ka dri gamay ahehehe pro in fairness ha hapit najud mansiones oi ni paid off ang pagka addict buti wla paka gi restricted ni bossing nmo ug husbanry akong amiga gibawalan jud sa bana ug FT for pila ka days kay addict lagi hehehe

Hazelicious929 said...

hahaha mao lagi yadz oi, gibawalan naman ko ni hubby pero deadma lang ang beauty nako hehehe