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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween 2010 myspace graphic comments

Are you ready for the Halloween? Almost! I ordered my Halloween costume online and I got it three (3) days ago. It's going to be a fun Halloween (I guess!) because my husband will be wearing his costume. I wish that my friend will join us but she's going to work. My hubby told me to buy lots of candies so we have something to give for the Trick or Treat. I don't know how many kids in the neighborhood will be knocking at the door but for sure, there's something for them when they come.

I still have one thing to get to complete my Halloween outfit. This will be my second Halloween experience (wearing a costume) in my entire life. The first Halloween experience? I was in Hawaii. And I think, it's a wonderful experience to do it just for fun. I am sure that some of my friends are already planning on what to wear. I guess, I will be waiting for their photos to be posted in their Facebook.



I just got mine today.. I dont know if I am going to attend but just in case. Me and my friends will going to spend it one day in advance since sunday is a bit hectic schedule for the family.

Scotty's Princess said...

Can't wait to see the lovely pics, Haze!