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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fabulous Sinks and Faucets

After a long day at work, I still manage to clean our bathroom in just five minutes. I make sure that our bathroom is the cleanest among any other places in our house. Our bathroom needs a minor renovation. The need of a new Undermount Sink is really expected as soon as possible. The old sink that we had is rusty at the bottom and stained with soap scum that cannot be removed by thorough cleaning, plus some scratches on the side. No matter what I do to clean it, it still the same.

I check Undermount Sinks online that will be perfect for our bathroom. Maybe I should find a perfect faucet that will accentuate to my fabulous sink.


Cens World said...

Hello there..thanks for the advice. Will see it through when needed.

Happy to be one of your blog follower.

Take care

amiable amy said...

checking in...bathroom should be the cleanest, i agree :-) i still have the old style gold design hehehe...needs to go right?