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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Play a Game!

Last February 2010, I got an iPod Touch (32GB) as my Valentine's Day gift from my husband. I waited for the right time to get it and finally, I got one. There are five reasons why I want to own one. First, I want to be updated in the music industry, I can download my favorite songs. Second, I can surf the web. Third, I can play any games. Fourth, I can watch movies and TV shows. Lastly, it's handy that I can bring it anywhere.

Speaking of games, there have been thousands of game apps in the market that you can download and play. You can play skill games where you can upload your own avatar, score big and meet friends while playing. How cool is that? Online skill games are becoming more and more popular around the world. You aim to do the next challenge after completing stages of challenges. So if you are addicted to play online games, make an account, play with your friends and submit your high scores! You can choose from hundreds of flash games from different category. Are you ready for the challenge? I am! So, let the games begin!


""rare*jonRez"" said...

i got myself the iPod touch too last year haze, just the 8GB coz i figured it will be just enough. guess what, it's the daughter who uses it and not me! no apps installed in it, just plain music and videos that she loves and are appropriate for her and now, magkatawa na mi ni bana kay mas master pa sya mogamit sa amoa. hahaha. lingaw lagi!

Cecile said...

wow, you play a lot of games pala; sa amin si Jake at Matt and mahilig :-); ako di masyado...scrabble lang ang gusto ko, lol

Dhemz said...

ayay, ka nice jud...dko ka afford sa ipod man...ehehhee...instead nag tablet pc ko...visiting here Haze.