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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New House

My husband and I sold our house in Kentucky last June. We live in a trailer house next to a campground where I work for 6 months. I want a new 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house. An ideal house for me and my husband. He told me that he will build one for me but it may take time before it will be finished because its just me and him will be working on our new house. If we just have enough money to get a contractor to do it all from the foundation to finishing. That would be nice!


amiable amy said...

girl okay lang yan, enjoy yan kasi at least magkasama kayo building your home... alala ko tuloy HGTV episodes of flipping houses...rewarding yan...but, i know how hard and bumpy it is as you build that dream'll get through with it...

good to hear from you girl...i was absent for three months too...i have to focus with my studies and work...hayyy...kakamiss ang blogging ano?

anyway, i will be seeing you soon

Dhemz said...

I did not know inyo diay g baligya inyo house....asa man ang inyo uban nga things dear?

wow ka nice sa sure your hubby will build that for you...someday soon...what matters the most is magkasama kau lagi..salamat sa dalaw dear ha...

how's life in Hawaii?