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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Second Time in Hawaii

I am here in Hawaii... again! We are staying here until April. My husband fell in love with Hawaii. The weather is beautiful plus the wonderful green trees and luscious and fresh tropical fruits and vegetables all over the islands. It's just great!

Hubby loves everything in Hawaii and so do I. We are enjoying our time and having a great time everyday. I will post more pictures later. Hawaii is our winter place and it's a great place where everyone wanted to be.


Umma said...

Hello Haze.. wow.. you are in Hawaii right now? Glad to hear you're having a blast over there.

So your work is done already?... waah.. you hv a good life.. just going to vacation wherever you wish.

I wish I could do that but we cant bec we have a baby.. its kind of hard to travel especially with a hyper toddler to tag along.

Have fun over there Haze.. post more pictures.

Cecile said...

ze, you are such a lucky gal; imagine being in hawaii for the second time, awesome! enjoy your stay to see more pix ok :-)!

niko said...

hey haze! u and ur hubby will be in hawaii until APRIL?? did i read it righty!! omg...

enjoy and post lotsa pictures pretty please :)

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Dhemz said...

agoy ginoo ko..ka sexy sako amiga woi..witweeew....ehhehe!

oh in? until april pa mo nlang mo sa pinas....ehehhehe...for 1 month....:)

have fun there sure you are....hehehe!

miss to hear from you...glad to be here dih! mwah