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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Change is Better!

I have been staring at my blog for hours and no words coming out from my head. I decided to make some changes. I am starting to delete all the people's blogs and save those people who pay me a visit. I guess that is fair on my part. I visit their blog and some people pays me a visit, some do not!

So the changes will be much better as I am saving the badges so it will be easy for me to visit them back. Please hit me back if you want to exchange badges and I would be gladly to save your badges in my blogs. I will eventually finish the job but it may take time, so please bear with me... Thank you!


Cecile said...

don't delelt me, i'll visit you soon :-); just kidding! musta na?

pauwi na ako maya maya.

amiable amy said...

hehehe...guilty me! anyway girl, okay ra ma delete ako kasi, old URL yung nasa listahan eh...Hehehe:


anyway, pag nanalo ang Saints this Sunday's Superbowl, nah...wag ka punta talaga sa New Orleans....lahat ng fans pupunta dun....You can't move...i am sure of that...

Hazelicious929 said...

@ Amy:

you are still in my list Ams, you can find your blog URL sa friends with multiple blogs and so with Ate Cecile

mjsterling said...

good idea girl...i hope u wont delete mine though hehehe!

lirachadsbaby said...

good decision day. I am planning that, too but it takes too much time.

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...don't delete me too!

sensya na jud haze karon lang ko kabalik ug dalaw...gosh, makabuang man ning jet lag woi....:)

wala ko nag skul this sem haze kay nauwahi ko because of our trip to the PI...saon among vacay sa pinas bummer kaau waste namo ang 1 week kay nag sakit me didto...gosh, dugay pa raba me makabalik didto tawon...hay buhay!

musta naman ka diha...hope all is well....miss to be here....thanks sa dalaw ug comments ha....mwah!