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Friday, April 2, 2010

Not Eating Meat

Oh yes! I can survive not eating meat for days. Especially today. Back home, every Good Friday, we abstain from eating meat and I brought that habit when I came here in America. When we lived in Hawaii for three months, I lost weight for not eating meat. I am eating fruits and vegetables. It was hard to change a habit when you are used to eat meat. But honestly, I managed not eating meat for days, weeks and even months. I know I can do it, it's just a matter of self discipline.

The Vegan Food Pyramid

Today, I gave my husband eggs and toast for breakfast (No meat!). He survived! Then, I prepared tuna sandwich with mango on the side for lunch. It was good and my husband survived the day without eating meat. But as I was making this post, he went to the kitchen and prepare himself a pork barbecue sandwich. I asked him why he is eating meat. We are not suppose to eat meat but then he told me that he can't survived the day not eating meat. But lucky for me, I am still not eating meat.

Now, let me clear myself. I don't know if fish and eggs are included to go Vegan but I must say that base on what I read online,
"An animal product is any material derived from animals. Notable animal products include meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products, honey, fur, leather, wool and silk. Common animal products also include gelatin, lanolin, rennet, whey, casein, beeswax, isinglass, and shellac. "
Does the statement above says that I violate the things to become a Vegan?! Now, I am confused! You tell me. I guess, I still have to read more about being a Vegan. I just need to lose weight, that's all!


lira said...

That's great! Didn't continue the tradition here.


to be a vegan oh that's more than being a vegetarian. no dairies and no animal/insect products. meaning you can only eat fruits and veges. not even milk and eggs. my officemate is a vegetarian man she's doing it for 8 yrs now...people who are vegans need to have food supplement because they don't have so much vitamins in their bodies.