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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stop Bashing, Zoo-Veena!

To Zoo-Veena! You know why I am posting this. I did not provoke you! You are the one who provoked me first! You are a crazy bitch! You can ruin me, you can tell everything about me but I am not afraid to you - Janice Halim Negrosa! You have a nasty and shitty personality! What you did is not an entertainment! You insulted Twerlyn's child! You bitch! You should burn in hell, Bitch!!! You stinky skeleton!

You dragged my name and YOU HARASSED ME! You are the one who told me to check Twerlyn's blog and read all the comments you posted! I even told you that what you did is below the belt and you shouldn't do such thing. I told you to stop posting any comments on Twerlyn's post! Go ahead, COPY and PASTE our conversation and I will do the same! I pity you! Shame on you! My past has nothing to do with Twerlyn's child. You keep on bashing her page and you even dragged her friend's names all over. myspace graphic comments
And now, what a sudden change?! You told Twerlyn that I was your informant?! That I was the one giving information about her and her friends? YOU ARE A LYING BITCH! I did not say that! You are the one who harassed me and asked me if I was Anonymous! Then, I dragged Lainy's name and told you it was just her. TO LAINY, I AM VERY SORRY FOR WHAT I DID. I AM TERRIBLY SORRY. I understand if you cannot forgive me for giving your name to her, it was my fault and I admitted it that I was totally wrong. myspace graphic comments
I know where you get all your information about Twerlyn and her friends. You even copy and pasted them while we were chatting. YOU USED THEM for your own sake, Bitch! So you can throw nasty words about them. You are unfair! You don't know how to have a clean fight! You are digging someone's dirt while you have your own! Now, I WANT TO DARE, ANALY SANBORN TO SEND ME A MESSAGE! I WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOUR "SO-CALLED FRIEND" SAID ABOUT YOU! I am not afraid of her! She can tell me and to other people that I am psychotic or whatsoever but I will tell you what she did to all of you! I am sorry if I dragged your names here, but I just want to inform you that your "so-called friend" threw nasty words about you! Hear me! You have to listen to all what she said to me about you. Go ahead! Send me a message right now! My e-mail address is I have nothing to loose! You are not my friends anyway! myspace graphic comments

Now, as I end this post, I have to leave everything behind me. I have a good life. I became a much better person because of what happened in my past. Now you tell me, you judge me... doing this thing is wrong. I have more to say but I run out of good grammar and I am not good in English. Sorry people! Thank you!

Note: Hindi ako palaaway na tao. Pero nauna ka! Mabait ako na tao. Pero mas hayop ang ugali mo! You betrayed me! You dig my own past which I already left behind! If you can betray me, you can also do that to other people. You are a stinky traitor! Shame on you, Janice Halim Negrosa! Shame on you!


Lainy said...

I am sure this took lots of courage, HaZe. I salute you for being brave and for standing up for the truth. I have already forgiven you for falsely feeding the info that I was the Anonymous commenter. I bear no grudges against you.

I don't want the likes of ZOO ruining the harmonious relationships and damaging camaraderie and rapport that we've got here in the blogosphere. I don't want to give her the satisfaction of counting her victims. Thus, this campaign to ban, hate and ostracize her.

NGayon hahabulin sya ng sarili nyang multo. She chose the wrong person to mess with. She chose to mess with the best, now she will run hiding along with the rest.

Windy said...

You did the right thing Hazel. To come clean and admit your wrong doing and to redeem yourself.

Regrettably, however, the moral damage has been served on a harmless innocent child and her mother, Twerlyn.

There was no reason at all for such vindictiveness that Zoo served on both these persons. I do not find any mitigation for what was done.

It was inhuman and outrageous beyond my imagination.

Learn from this that the lives of others are as precious as you guard you own life and family.

I shall not take any punitive action against you that is in process to punish Zoo to the fullest extent.

May God guide you Always!

Hazelicious929 said...

@ Windy:

I stand corrected. I am sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment. Would love to have it again. And I changed the title. Thanks for correcting my errors.

Windy said...

That's okay Hazel,

What we seek is the right thing and it is not important what I said to correct the Post title.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Oh my gosh! What a story this has been man diay! I am totally surprised, really. Now I can't imagine how the names mentioned would react, especially Zoo and the other. What a terrible mess they've made! Good job, Hazel for the courage you've shown! This is such a revelation!

Take care!

Dhemz said...

holy cow...wala jud ko kabalo ani nga balita Haze...what in the world has happened to the blogosphere? uwahi ko sa balita dear...ehehhee!

thanks for sharing the info...gosh, si Lord nalang bahala....hope all is well...mwah!

Twerlyn said...
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Twerlyn said...
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Twerlyn said...

Hi Haze, thanks for telling the truth here. Remember that no one could ever put you down just like that, you don't deserve it either. It's true that telling the truth will set you free. So, it was Analy Sanborn a.k.a Anne who fed information to zuveena. Hhhmm if that's true, the issue won't be charged to her but to zooveena herself. But atleast now, we all know who gave the information about my friends. Yay! I wan't to hear Analy's side of story. So, if she'll reply here, pls publish her comments too. Thank you!

Lainy said...

YOU USED THEM for your own sake, Bitch! So you can throw nasty words about them."

I believe it's the other way around, Haze. These great friends of hers USED the girl from the ZOO to get back at Lerma and ALL her friends who stood by her when she defended a friend. Now she will have to pay the prize for ALL her badmouthing!

Scotty's Princess said...

I challenge "ANALY SANBORN" to come out of her cage. Now is the time to hear your side of the story.

Don't worry. We aren't as bad as what you think. Di hamak na may breeding naman kami kesa kay ZOO et. al.

Come on now. We are here waiting for yah...


Hi hazey.. I'm sad about the situation. I hope things will not get worst. I know you enough and it's very surprising to read such a post. Just take it easy okay.

mamalira said...

She betrayed her own friend, what the heck! This woman is real insane.

Can't wait to see what's going to transpire in the next days or months. She'll eventually pay for this.

Jerla Oh lalala said...

hay ara lng yo ya pwede le este haze.... im also shocked when she thought that i was that anonymous... well sorry di ako un.