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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The March Group Fraud Protection Alliance- The Best Shield Against a Hostile Environment

This is a sponsored guest post written by The March Group on behalf of The March Group. Post powered by Sponzai.

The possibility for fraud during a business transaction becomes a real threat when either party, buyer or seller, sees an opportunity to manipulate the sales process with the malicious intent to outsmart the other for one’s gain. Schemers and opportunists are continuously coming up with clever ideas about how to prey on unwitting victims. Today the problem with fraud is more complex than ever, as many transactions are conducted online, without the need for meeting face to face. Concerns about the effects of, and protection from fraud has prompted the creation of The March Group Fraud Protection Alliance.

The March Group Fraud Protection Alliance is a multi-faceted program that analyzes various transactions that you make. Its comprehensive approach has even been used by large programs such as the Ebay Customer Protection program. The first part of the program is ensuring that all deals remain confidential. Everybody knows that discretion is essential when you are selling your business or deal making; this ensures that any transaction conducted will be kept 100% confidential until both parties say otherwise.

The second part of the fraud protection program is a thorough background check on those involved in a deal. If the March Group has been hired to defend a business from fraud the owner, at any time, can contact them about a potential customer and they will be able to tell him or her if that customer may be part of a scam. The March Group aims to keep incidents of fraud to a minimum, if not totally eliminate them, and offers reparations to those for whom the program is not successful.

Finally, and perhaps the best feature of the program, The March Group offers extensive classes about online fraud to those who use the program. Learn about the latest forms of fraud affecting businesses and how to best prevent, and address them.

The problem relating to fraud is extensive and requires diligence and vigilance. It would be in your best interest, and that of your company, to secure your business with The March Group Fraud Protection Alliance.

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