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Friday, February 11, 2011

City Breaks

I have some friends from United Kingdom. They're all scattered around the city. Two of my friends where my schoolmates. It is nice to see them both fulfilling a dream career, they're doing better with their chosen field. Recently, one of my friends had a short break from school and she went to see London. I can tell that she's having fun sight-seeing, shopping and dining around the city. She's enjoying herself to the fullest while staying at one of the uk breaks around the city. It is cheaper than staying to a hotel where you can also enjoy the serenity it has to offer after a long day. With a great facilities they offer, you will feel you're just at the comfort of your own home.

When I come visit them, I will make sure that I am going to stay at one of their units, that way, I can save my money and spend it to something else. I don't think I can pay a high price for such a grand hotel where I can save my money getting a affordable room where I can still have my privacy and be comfortable.

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