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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Neighbors Probably Think I'm Special...

Note: Guest Post from Jewel Rodgers

This morning, I was the first one awake. I crept past Abby's room and started the coffee pot. All was silent, it was still dark outside, and I was looking forward to driving Abby to school later and having the house to myself. I didn't have to wake her up for another hour, and everything was silent. Sipping my coffee, I sat near the window and watched the snow come down.

My reverie was broken when I heard a scuffling sound coming from the direction of the garage. It grew louder. Since the break-in last year, I've become more vigilant about following my instincts. I tied my robe shut, grabbed Todd's old baseball bat, and set the home security alarm from behind me. I was glad Abby was still sleeping.

I peeked around the corner and saw a man crouching in the shadows behind the garbage cans. The figure stood up, I raised the bat over my head and let out a shriek that I hoped sounded intimidating. I recognized Mr. Langtree just before I brained him with the aluminum bat. He had Mr. Mittens, his ancient cat, in his arms. I lowered my weapon and we had a good laugh over it. There I was, Mother of the year, in Todd's blue robe and my own huge, pink, fuzzy slippers.

I told Abby about it on the way to school. She laughed and asked if Mr. Mittens planned on raiding the trash again anytime soon. He probably will, as soon as I've recovered my dignity.

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