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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Mokoli'i Island

Winn and I spent 2 weeks in Hawaii. We visited 3 islands in Hawaii - Oahu, Hawaii's Big Island and Kauai. While at Oahu, we visited some scenic spots that people enjoys to stop and to take pictures. We stopped by at Kane'ohe Bay and took a picture of the small island on the east side of Oahu - The Mokoli'i Island.

Mokoliʻi is open to the public from dawn to dusk. On weekends it is somewhat a popular secret with tourists and locals. It can be accessed by kayak, boat, surfboard, or by swimming; depth soundings are only four feet on its west side. This may be dangerous during any other time or inclement weather. The area is home to stone fish and sharks are often seen around the island, often in early mornings.

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Dhemz said... lovely...thanks for sharing the wonderful pics sis....musta na tuod imong work? how was it? did you like it? keep in touch...thanks for the comments!