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Friday, September 11, 2009

I Got It, I Got It!

Today, I am feeling ecstatic and cheerful! My eyes are dashing with this beautiful watch that my husband gave me as his gift for our second year wedding anniversary. It has been a long life dream of mine to own this kind of watch and my husband granted that dream. We have to order it online as we are both busy. I am busy working in the campground and my husband will not go to store unless I am with him.

I showed the picture of the watch online and all I need to hear is his words... "Go ahead, get it!" That is the sign! He's going to get me the watch I have been longing for over a month now. And now, its already here and I am wearing it beautifully. I just love this watch. Thank you my dear husband!
And as a bonus, I also got a clutch wallet. It is my intention to change my old wallet and go for a new one. I am just feeling lucky today. Thank you, God for all the blessings!


Dias Spot said...

agoy, kalami! your wish is granted...ka bongga ba kaau it dear....:)

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Dhemz, oo nga, I am so happy with my gift jud hehehe