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Friday, September 18, 2009

I Got A New Phone

Me and the BlackBerry Tour

It feels like I am a kid at the candy store for owning a new cellphone. For almost a year now, I don't have a cellphone after I closed my contract at AT&T. I got the latest phone from BlackBerry. Just like my old BlackBerry Pearl when I first got here in the United States. I actually want an iPhone. Unfortunately, there's no AT&T coverage in North Dakota and I rather choose Verizon over AT&T when it comes to reliable voice and data network because it got the most and widest coverage all over United States. How cool is that? So I only get connections from a network that I can truly trust and will never fail my connection. I am just glad that I got a new phone under my name!


Dhemz said...

congrats dearest....wohooo....we have the same phone..exactly the same...:)

got it here:

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Dhemz, I love my new phone jud... internet, unlimited messaging and voice calls. Enjoy your new phone!