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Monday, September 28, 2009

What Do You Want?...

... is the question that stuck on my mind when my husband asked me "What do you want for your birthday?" I will turn 27 tomorrow and until now, I still cannot think of anything I want for my birthday. I was speechless! I don't know what I want on my birthday.

Honestly, I don't want any material gifts on my birthday because I believe that I can still get them on other occasions like Christmas and Anniversaries. Plus, I can buy what I need or what I want because I am earning money from work. I just want to simply celebrate my birthday with my loving husband. Maybe a dinner in a nice restaurant, a short trip where we can enjoy the place together or watch a movie.


Dhemz said...

aha...what's in the black box kaha? secret secret...I got a!

advance happy birthday dont need material things....kay you can reach and grab them easily.....a trip might be a great idea....hehehhe...

I wish you all the happiness and love my dear...good health specially....happy birthday!

niko said...

aw. ur such a sweetie, just like u mas gusto ko time spent kesa material things from husband on my birthday :) hehehe

happy birthday to u haze!!! may u have many more happy birthdays to come!!

mwah mwah

nikogirl said...

so what's his gift na girl?? :)

weeeeeh. san ang date?? :) kwento kwento dali heheh