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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Diva: Regine Velasquez

My friend Jenneth is a very big fan of Regine Velasquez. She didn't know that I am too, love Regine. I just love to hear her sing. I watch her movies and TV shows. Recently, Jenn blog about Regine's new TV show, Diva: The KantaSerye. Since I don't have a TFC channel for some reason, I cannot watch her show on a regular basis. So I end up looking for videos online.

Time check: 9:00 P.M. I started watching the first episode of Diva at YouTube. It didn't stop me to watch her show. And for tonight, I am going to finished the fourth episode at this hour. Time check: 11:15 P.M. Below is one of the videos of the show - Diva. I am going to start watching the fifth and the rest of the episodes tomorrow and for the coming days. Hopefully, I will have more time. Enjoy watching!

Note: I provided the link above so you too can enjoy watching it for those bloggers who does not have the TFC channel or GMA Pinoy TV. Thanks to Rhiansters for uploading the videos.


Jenn said...

hehe pretty na lage si regine diri na episode? nakakita ka sa kadtong ugly pa cya?

Dhemz said...

ay...I don't watch GMA...ehhehehe....kapamilya kasi!

Hazelicious929 said...

@ Jenn, I think this was the part na murag dream... Yes I did watch all the episodes katong ugly pa sya. Nice sya Jenn, nalingaw ko, Thanks nimo!

Hazelicious929 said...

@ Dhemz, hahaha ako hati man ko, there are some shows that I like sa GMA and shows that I like sa ABS-CBN hehehe


i like the way she sings but i got disappointed when she sang Listen and messed up the whole song. I pity her on that. murag na mental block. as a professional singer as she is, dont think its acceptable. but eventually she sang again and made justice to the song. hope she will not ever sing when she's not ready.

Liza said...

I like Regine too. I also enjoy watching the kantaserye. :)

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Happy Sunday!

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Hazelicious929 said...

I like her too... I like her shows!