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Monday, March 8, 2010

Go Mobile!

It's not a surprise to the whole world how modern technologies transform to a very easy way to entertain people. I myself admit that I love to have those electronic gadgets. I like the idea that it entertains me whenever I am bored, I travel, or even just to have something to do around. Today, I am so amazed how a little phone can do so much. You can do a lot by listening to music, take pictures, watch videos, and even browse the internet. Mobile devices nowadays can bring you to the world of excitement and ease. Anything can happen in just one press or call.

Talking about mobile video, Filmmakers and Animators can instantly license short films, feature and other premium video content for mobile distribution. They can register and upload the film content to mDistribute and set their own licensing fees for each film. All licenses on the mDistribute platform are royalty-free, non-exclusive, and non-transferable. As for the Content Buyers, they can also register and browse through the large collection of premium video content raging from 2 minutes to full-length feature films. I should know more about this so I can watch my favorite videos whenever I am away from my computer and with the help of my own mobile device!

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