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Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Trips

With Rowena at Mall St. Matthews

Lunch at The Cheesecake Factory

The month of March is really intense! A busy month for me and my husband. It all started on the first weekend of March when we went to Kentucky to visit our family and friends. It was a long drive but we were happy to do it just to see our family and finally meet my friend Rowena and her family in Louisville, KY. We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and the food was yummy!

The Meyers

The Holbrooks

The second weekend of March, we went to see our friends in Tyler, TX. We went to the mall for a little shopping and headed to a seafood restaurant. The food was good! Nothing fancy happened, we just want to see each other. All we did was laugh and lots of talking.

With Rhea, Ivy and Analyn

With Analyn and Ivy

The third weekend of March - we went to Shreveport, LA to meet some friends. Went to see them at Louisiana Boardwalk. Was filled with so much laughter and taking pictures everywhere. We just can't get enough of everything. We were able to managed the little time we had and the weather didn't cooperate with us but the party must go on. Went to Boomtown Hotel and Casino for lunch buffet and a little gambling. Everybody enjoyed their weekend.

I wonder what will happen on the fourth weekend of this month... It is still a big question mark (?). I am getting excited!

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Dhemz said...

agoy hayahay sa life woi...bisan asa lang man paingon...ehehehhe!

bibo kaau ang mga photos...thanks for sharing dear....:)

sensya na jud karon lang ko ka blog hop....wala me internet karon lang ni balik...makabuang!...ehehehhe:)

thanks sa kami ni hubby d man sad me ganahan ug iring woi kay mangarwas....hahahha...d man nuon allergic si Akesha...pero there is no way we will get a!