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Monday, March 15, 2010

I Need a Pen!

Did you know that the ancient Indians were the first to use the pen? According to ancient text, the earliest of pens made in India used bird feathers and bamboo sticks. Today, there are different modern types of pens can be categorized by the kind of writing tip or point. For example, a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, roller ball pen and a felt-tip pen or simply called as marker. I am using the ballpoint pen. I just cannot leave the house without a pen in my purse. I got used to it when I was still in school.

Everywhere I go, people are using pen. It is a necessity in schools, offices, businesses, or even at home. There's one way to attract your customers to patronize your business, a free personalized pens giveaway will help. These personalized pens will be a good idea to give out to the campers because they will remember where they got it. The business name shows on it. How cool is that? Customers are always looking for free stuff before and after they make any transactions. Trust me; it will help your business! You can always get free stuff at banks, malls, or any offices. Just ask for it. You know you're in the business if you know how to treat your customers' right.

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