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Friday, May 7, 2010

Snow in May

Today is May 7, 2010. My husband woke me up and asked me if I want to see the snow. I was still half asleep when I got up and thinking about his ridiculous question. Snow? Why there's snow in May? It is suppose to be the season of spring from March 20 to June 20 and now we are all getting few inches of snow. So I looked at the window and from there, I can see the snow was falling. Where did spring go?

I went to work and took few photos to post here. My car was covered with snow. My husband thought that it is time to mow the grass but it snowed. There were few cars that had accidents on the interstate and luckily they got some help immediately. It's funny to think but today is really snowing. I felt like May 7th is Christmas day!

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wow strange weather isnt it... in the PI too, it was blistering hot and the pictures that my friends posted through FB looks something peculiar... hopefully the snow there will not last. it will melt right away... take care..