The Designers Chic

Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Bummer

My friend from Texas sent me a picture message few hours ago and I got jealous with what she's wearing down south. Alright, just a little bit jealous! The photo above shows that she's enjoying the weather down south while I am still in my jeans, shirt and jacket (or sometimes scrubs when at work). I can't help but smile and sent her a message telling her that I am still wearing my work clothes. She said it's 83 degrees where she at while our temperature here is 49 degrees. Oh, I cannot wait for the summer time here!


The Designer's Chic said...

what? mayo pa diay amoa weather diri sa upstate NY..hmmmp! kung mao na I dont want to go there in ND hahaha

Dhemz said...

ayay pagka sexy sa imong friend dear....:) she definitely enjoying the weather....:)

I wish to wear what she wears...kaso masuko si sure right away pa ilison ko...waaaaa....moingon dawon to sya ug "put some clothes on"!

Neldajay said...

You don't want the hot weather sometimes, I tell you its no fun.

First time visiting here!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

ka-seksi sa imong friend haze oi! diri sa WI pud, mo-warm lang ug ma-hapon na. di pa japon maka-shorts. gawas kung inside sa balay lang! lol

Scotty's Princess said...

Witwew! Your friend is drop dead gorgeous, Haze!Kakainggit!