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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father and Son

I know it has been 6 days since the celebration of Father's Day. That made me think that it has been 7 years since my father passed away and stopped celebrating Father's Day. As you all noticed, I even forgot to post something about Father's Day in my blog as I always do on Mother's Day. I know, I am bad but just thinking about it makes me really sad. For sure, my tears will start falling as I can't help it but remember my own father. I miss him so much!

Father and son bonding

The title of this blog "Father and Son" will actually justify the photo above. As I was busy doing some errands at work today, I saw these campers on the swing having their own "father and son" moment. I just couldn't let it passed without taking a picture of them. It is just wonderful! And that made me miss my father so much!


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