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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Monday!

How are y'all today? Another Monday for us again. How did your Monday go? As for me, I went to work at 7AM. I did some cleaning, paying bills, went to post office for all our mails. I went ahead and finished bookkeeping today. Though I'm not done yet but I will get there in time. I have all the time to do all the things that needs to be done. I have a way of sorting what's next in line.

Maybe two more months to go and my six-month job for the summer will be over this year. Yes! I'm screaming at the top of my lungs - I'm excited for my winter vacation! I miss our house in Texas. I'm going to see my friend too. Maybe, after getting things settled when we come home, we might go on a trip. I still don't know where yet but I think, my Hubby got a plan. I need to find out what it is because I am very excited!

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