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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Show Your Smile

When I was a kid, I dream of being in the commercial model of a toothpaste brand. But that didn't work as I grew up. I let it slipped away. Over the years, that ambition is far gone, though sometimes, when I watch TV, I always see beautiful smiles from beautiful commercial models. Their teeth are white and shinny! I want to have those teeth. I am really jealous! I wasn't blessed with a perfect teeth but I take good care of my own teeth. I brushed them twice a day.

The thing is, the visit to Dentist is not regular. I should know better since it is a must for a proper hygiene. Because of my regular six months job, I just can't leave my job right away. I don't normally get the weekends off. Usually, I go to my dentist during fall or winter. I need to Find A Dentist that is good and efficient in Texas since we live down south during the winter. Two months from now, it will be the start of my two front teeth project. I set it up on high priority. I really need to get it fixed so I show my beautiful smile.

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