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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here Comes The Bride!

A very good friend of mine is planning to get married by the end of the month next year. I am so excited! They will finally tie the knot after almost four long years they have been together. They have been consulting about their wedding details. I talked to both of them every other day. I want to be part of their upcoming wedding and so I decided to book my airline ticket probably early next year to attend and witness their wedding. I just can't wait anymore!

Saving and planning is part of their agenda. Their taking it slow and I like the way they keep things organized. I wonder what help I could give them since I am not around to help them organize every detail for their upcoming wedding. They're like a family to me, the groom is my best friend and the bride is my very good friend. I would like for them to have a nice wedding accessories for their reception. It will be a colorful and full of fun wedding. I bet they will both love it. It will be a wonderful gift they will have. I want the best for them - best wishes for them!

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