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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Minute Shopping!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I know some people are still doing their last minute shopping for their loved ones and friends. Gosh! The malls and other stores here in Hawaii are full and you can barely find a space where to park. Parking space is hard to find no matter what time of the day you go. It's just a nightmare! The stocks are easily sold out and everybody wants to get ahead of you to finish their own last minute shopping.

That is why, I find online shopping the convenient way to shop when it comes to Holidays. I don't have to rush myself nor wait too long in the counter to pay my things. I don't have to argue with my husband who's patiently waiting for me while I am shopping. I should give him a new Sony LCD Television as my Christmas gift so he can enjoy watching his favorite shows while relaxing. My younger sister will be graduating on March 2010 and I am already thinking what would be the best gift I could give to her since I cannot attend her high school graduation. What a shame! Maybe a nice mini laptop would be a great gift since she will be using it in college. I bet she will love it!

Since I didn't get anything for myself this Christmas, I would be happy to own a new iPod Nano 16GB that I can use for my workout and for my running exercise. I always get jealous to those people who have their own iPod with them while their running in the park. I bet it would be easy for me to finish my goal because I am inspired to listen to the music I love while I am running. I am really serious on reaching my weight goal after the Holidays.

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