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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bid and Win!

My husband is the one who's a business minded. He's good at it and he plays it really good. He was into exotic animals business years ago and he went to any auction place to sell his exotic animals. He spent all day selling exotic animals and he loved it. He always tell me that he met a lot of auctioneers in many places. Sometimes, he bids and win, sometimes he lose it. I guess that's just of being in the business world.

One time, we went to an auction place where we bought some old furnitures for our old house. If there's one thing I would like to buy for an extreme discount, it would be the new gadgets I have seen in the store. Maybe a DSLR or an iPad will make me happy if I won the bidding. I will check my own bidrack and see if I'm doing any better on my bidding. It would be nice if I win one of the things I have been dreaming to have. I would love to win on bidding some items I want. I would be jumping for so much joy!

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