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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's Party!

Before I got married, my life was just a happy-go-lucky one. My job life started at 5AM and ends at 4PM. I was already home by 4:30PM or 5PM. But I still get to go out at night sometimes. Every other 2 weeks, I get to party with my officemates because of the reason that we got our own paychecks. We go to this famous Nightclubs in town and party all night. Everyone had a good time after that night. What can I say? We like to enjoy and party!

Image from Party Registry

When I came here in United States, I have never been to any nightclubs. Maybe because my husband isn't the party goer type which in my case is really fine. But maybe, if ever we will visit New York City and be able to explore the city at night, I would try some of the New York Nightclubs in town. I guess, I just want to experience it what its like. Maybe I could grab one or two drinks and party all night just to experience New York Nightlife. I have friends in California and Las Vegas who experienced the nightclubs there and they all had fun. She told me that she will bring me there and we will party all night. Sounds fun to me!

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