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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Being Grateful

I am grateful because I have been tagged by Jerlalou. I want to thank her for remembering me and sharing "I Am Grateful Because..." tag to me. I am happy to know that we came from one city back home and that I will be connected to happy and nice person like you. Thank you very much!

1. God gave me a wonderful and loving husband I can keep.
2. I have a loving family.
3. I have nice and sweet friends.
4. God does not forget to blessed me everyday of my life.
5. God gave me a beautiful life to live by.


1. Re-post the picture on your blog and please acknowledge where it came from. Kindly leave a comment on this post so I would know you've posted it.
2. Write down 5 things you are grateful for and the 5 bloggers you are tagging.
3. You may copy this or write your own quote regarding gratitude

Now, I am passing this tag to my friends: (more than 5 of them)

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inday_adin said...

Hey thank you so much once again ate Hazel! :)How are you and your work?

Wena said...

Hello Hazie..thanks for passing this to me,,,i will grabe it later k?I am just busy putting up some Christmas decor....Mwahhh!!

hazelicious929 said...

You are welcome Adin! I like to share it with you

I am doing fine, it's been snowing here and I mean heavy snow. I am off from work, I have 6 months vacation

hazelicious929 said...

No problem Wenggay! It's good that you are decorating for the Christmas. I don't know if I will decorate this Christmas, magulo pa ang house hehehe