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Friday, December 5, 2008

What Will I Do?

After calling the customer service of both my cellular phone and internet service, I have been thinking what will I do after they will cut the service on the 8th of December . I will have no phone and my internet days are over for a while. My friends can still reach me through the land line phone number I gave them. And I wonder what's the feeling of not having a cellphone for a few days, maybe a month or so. I don't know yet.

We didn't know that our contract from our previous service provider was over when the biggest telecommunication company bought them. We could have change another service provider if we just knew about it. Maybe because we are just too busy about moving last year and this year, we have moved again. Yesterday, we are so lucky to get some information that we can cancel and change the service if it is not giving us a good quality service. I have been complaining to my husband that the signal of both my cellular phone and internet service was a mess. Sometimes, I couldn't even log in to my blog or read my e-mails. I might be busy doing the chores while I am waiting for my new internet service and I am already thinking what would be my next phone look like. I can't wait and I am getting excited about it! See you around...


simplyjacy said...

at least you still have your landline. don't worry about your old phone number. you can port it out to another mobile phone service provider if you decide to switch.

take care, Haze!

Wena said...

Awww,can't u connect to ur landline?well,u can always keep ur number when u decide to get another wireless carrier....Just take ur time then maybe since u were asking what u will do since u have no internet connection...U CAN PUT UP A CHRISTMAS TREE..hehehehe,not too late yet..

hazelicious929 said...

Hello Jacy! Thanks for visiting... That's what Verizon here in Jamestown told us that we can still use my old number... AT&T doesn't give us much good service here and besides they don't have an office here too... so we decided to switch.

Take care too, Jacs

hazelicious929 said...

Hello Weng! musta na? Thank you for always visiting kahit sometimes bien busy gat ka alyi. We have our landline phone that I gave you. And nope, I can't connect internet in our Qwest landline phone kasi there's no high-speed internet available in our area pa... dapat air card pa rin from Qwest whih will cost us almost $60.

So we will wait na lang jud. Meron man din wifi from the campground so we might use that one too from Wild Blue

I put up my red stockings sa wall already Wenggay, hehehe aw! dili diay stocking, kay murag huge socks man sya hehehe