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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It Is Good To Be Back!

Yes! I am finally back from blogging. I was really bored. I keep on thinking what's happening with my online friends. I can't even visit my friend's blog nor write my own blog. But now I am back. It will take time to visit all your blogs but I promise that I will be patient enough to read all your post.

What did I do during the time I was gone? Well, I stayed home for almost 2 weeks. I watched movies which I never expected I can watch them. I got my flu shot together with my husband. My husband and I attended a Christmas potluck in town. Thank you for the support of my husband who can't stand looking at me being bored. Now, I got my new ISP (internet service provider) and it is better than my first internet service provider. It is faster and reliable. I can do anything with it. Now, I don't have to worry about what's going on to the internet world because they are just a click away from my fingers. Thank you for visiting my blog even if I wasn't around for almost 2 weeks (December 8 to December 19). I know some of you have been patiently visiting my blog to drop entrecard (EC) and now, I will return the favor. Thank you once again!


Wena said...

WElcome back Hazie,nice to see you around in here...hugs!!!!it is freaking cold in here...

hazelicious929 said...

Thank you Wenggay! I am glad that I am back. I won't be playing solitaire anymore because I got an internet connection hehehehe

Yeah, it is getting colder and colder