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Monday, January 4, 2010

Blue Car in Hawaii

When we came here in Hawaii two months, and 1 week ago, one of our goals is to get a used car to get by around town. Hawaii has eight beautiful islands and we live in Hilo in the Big Island where my husband really loves to stay for the winter. There are many things to see around the Big Island. For those who are adventurer like us, you will experience wonderful things and get good food all over the island. What I like most about it? When we plan our trip the next day to look for a nice sandy beach where we could go swimming and snorkeling.

Our blue car in Hawaii

We are planning to sell our car here in Hawaii. We will go back to the mainland soon and we don't want to store the car and nobody will take care of it when we are gone. Besides, it may take a long time before we can go back for a vacation here in Hawaii if we have the greens to support our needs. Anyway, for those car owners who are living at Irvine, California, you might want to check body shop irvine for your auto repairs. You can make an appointment online if you need your car to be fixed.

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