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Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Travel in Texas

Barbecue in Texas!

Met Analyn through Ivy Sterling

My husband and I drove to Texas to spend the remaining months of the winter time. You see, after spending three months in Hawaii, we didn't spend a week in North Dakota. Instead, we decided to escape the cold winter from where we live. It is just too much for me and my husband. We love to go out once in a while and we can do that here. I was happy to see how people wear something nice and comfortable during the winter time here in Texas. I can even wear my summer clothes!

The Meyer's couple

Analyn and Me

For one week and five days we've been here, we have learned our way around. Plus, we meet a couple last Wednesday and we had so much fun! If ever we will move here in Texas, I know I already have someone that I know and would be my shopping buddy. How cool is that? Looking forward for more meetings and enjoy Filipino food with her.


jenn_US said...

thats so nice girl haze. at least u dont have to suffer the cold weather in ND. travel around US jud diay mo ha this winter, luv it!

amiable amy said...

sus ka mga gwafa ba jud....hehehe