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Monday, September 15, 2008

15th of the Month

Yoohoo! I am almost there... We! Almost there for a good vacation after months of working here in North Dakota. We will definitely enjoy being together as we always do since I came here. My husband and I are also looking for happy moments of being together in a trip - again! You see, I was so tied up with my work 15 hours a day and that's everyday. I couldn't imagine myself what are going to do during the winter time as we paint the town red again with all our happenings and road trips. I just can't wait anymore!

I guess I am just excited and feeling anxious for everything. Imagine, I have a seasonal job that allows me 6 months to work and 6 months vacation in a year. How cool is that? I can't wait also to finally get my salary for today because it's 15th of the month and will be lucky again to get my $500 bonus at the end of the month. I wish to meet my friends in Minnesota, Jacy and Malou before going back to Kentucky to spend our winter time. Hopefully too, I wish I will some of my friends down the road in Indiana and Kentucky. I would be much glad about it to finally meet you girls!

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