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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somehow, I miss KFC!

Yes, it is true! I miss eating the original recipe fried chicken from KFC. I am not paid to endorse their product but I just miss eating their delicious chicken. Unfortunately, we don't have a KFC restaurant in town. And I know that's really bad for someone like me who craves for the original recipe fried chicken. As you all know, we live in a small town here in North Dakota and there are few fast food restaurant here but I guess nobody beats KFC when it comes to their fried chicken, right?


simplyjacy said...

hi haze! mmmm... luckily for me, there are a lot of KFCs here. in fact, i'm thinking of having my dinner there tonight since we're driving to Grandpa's place in Fergus Falls.

unlike you though, i like the hot and spicy ones. since they don't have that here, i usually order the Hot Wings which is the closest i can find. Namnam! lami-a uy with mashed potatoes!

hazelicious929 said...

Che!!! nagpalaway jud ka nako Jacs ha hehehe... Are you trying to get even with me sa Siomai? hahaha, loka-loka jud ka Jacs, you made me crave for KFC chicken! huhuhuhuhu