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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Autumn in North Dakota

The picture above was taken just few hours ago. The white ash tree are turning its leaves from green to yellow little by little. It has been a year ago when I saw the leaves from the trees changing its colors. The leaves on the maple trees and walnut trees are changing their colors from all green to red, yellow, orange and brown. Its so wonderful to look at them waving by the wind blows, let them fly where the wind takes them as they reach the ground. It it just so amazing how everything changes.

As I checked the calendar, the autumn begins on September 22. But why some of the trees are changing already? I know it is too early to panic but sometimes, that is just the amazing beauty of nature. Eventually, little by little everything will follow for the changes. Everyone will feel the changes of the weather as we cannot actually predict the life of every season. One thing is for sure, just be ready for the fall and winter fashion!


simplyjacy said...

hello haze!
sugod najud ang autumn no? i have noticed that the color of the leaves are changing in my side too. it's a lovely sight to see.

hazelicious929 said...

Hello Jacs!I agree... it is really lovely. So amazing too how everything changes hehehe