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Monday, September 29, 2008

My 26th Birthday! myspace graphic comments
Today, September 29 is my birthday. Another year that God has given me. I think my husband is having problems today as he's thinking what we will do for my special day. I told him not to worry about gift-giving as I have reserved that this coming Christmas. I know he's being sweet and it is just lovely to think that somehow, he try his very best to come up with something on my birthday. On my birthday, I wish everybody, my family and friends good health and joy to their life.

I thank God for all the good blessing, the fruitful years he has given me. The loving family, my wonderful husband who loves, cares, supports me all the way and my friends who makes me laugh and share their thoughts with me. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

happy bday hazey girl.. ma late ako pressie for u ha.. kay di pako kagawas to shop.. u know na. enjoy ur day. tc

hazelicious929 said...

Thank you Noll, ok lang oi... thanks for the birthday greetings

Wena said...

how was ur bday neng?did u have fun?

hazelicious929 said...

Yes Wenggay! We didn't go out to eat but I did cook something out from the Chinese cookbook you gave me... We had fun!