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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeling Cold

Nope! I am not sad and alone. It is about the weather I am feeling right now. For 1 month and 8 days living here in North Dakota was a major change for me and my husband. I know it takes a lot of time to know the place, the neighborhood and the town. We live in a small town but the industry is prosperous as there are many job opportunities in some towns nearby. It is good to know that somehow, we live in a nice and peaceful place like the town where we live in. I guess, I am starting to like where we at now. The people are just nice and accommodating. I even got my job so quick after we moved and even lucky that I am getting the hang of it. Handling my job was just a piece of cake!

The month of August will end in 4 days from this date. Believe me, there are times that I am wearing my long sleeves and jacket when I go to work. The wind is blowing in some days that I feel I will get blown away. Hey, wait a minute! This is suppose to be the time of the summer. Why I feel so cold and the rain is keep on pouring for 2 days now and the past few days too? Is Fall time approaching? What about the Winter time? I guess I should be ready then so I will not feel cold and probably I will enjoy the winter time here in North Dakota. Things are getting better everyday and its time to celebrate life.


simplyjacy said...

remember Haze, you love the change of weather? so i guess this is what we've been waiting for no? I can't wait to see the changing of colors.

anneberly said...

I guess same thing goes here in Toronto. Still summer but already cold.. Where your about, anyway?
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hazelicious929 said...

Yes Jacy! this means also that its time for winter time shopping. I love to wear winter clothes hehehehe

hazelicious929 said...

I live in North Dakota near Canada... so I guess I have to get use of the cold weather too