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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Work is Fun!

It is the last day of the month (August). I know for sure, there are people out there are starting to think for the coming month of September. Of course, I have been waiting for this special month too as we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary in a few days from now. We will not celebrate only our wedding anniversary, we will celebrate my birthday too. Yeah right, I was born in the month of September and I will turn another fruitful year.

So much for that, let's talk about my job. You see, It's almost the end of the month now and I received my two paychecks already. It was fun! I am back to the real corporate world and earning. It was like having my self worth and being self-reliant. After 1 year of being stuck at home, I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor little by little. I was able to make my mother and sister happy when they found out that I am not a bum anymore (laughs!). I can feel that my mother is so proud of me, not only to me, but to all her daughters who's making a way that is all good for our future. I just wish that my father who's now with God, will be proud and happy for all of us.


adei said...

sis congrats on your new pay must be very rewarding to see the fruition of your must be very excited with all the celebrations ahead anniversary & bday...have a beautiful day yads

hazelicious929 said...

Hello yadz, thanks sa sweet comment, mao jud oi, excited na jud ko for the celebration hehehe