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Monday, August 18, 2008

IMAK Smart Glove for Instant Relief

What is the meaning of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? Some of us may not be aware of the problems and pains it may bring but there's a way of threating them for good relief. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or median neuropathy at the wrist is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to pain, parathesias, and muscle weakness in the forearm and hand. A form of compressive neuropathy, CTS is more common in women than it is in men and has a peak incidence around age 42, though it can occur at any age. The lifetime risk for CTS is around 10% of the adult population. It is a multi-faceted problem and can therefore be challenging to treat. Still, there are a multitude of possible treatments: treating any possible underlying disease or condition, immobilizing braces, prioritizing hand activities, and ergonomics. Recent studies have shown that medications have not been able to modify the extent of the disease. Ultimately, carpal tunnel release surgery may be required in which outcomes are generally good.


My mother is a teacher in a public school teaching the Elementary students. She's been in the teaching service for 14 years. Every night she writes and prepares her lesson plan for her students. She even compute their individual grades and she also makes school report. She hardly get enough sleep as she write, type all the school reports every night. Imagine a school teacher job from Monday to Friday and she does extra work on weekends too plus she have to take care of us, her kids too everyday and do some household chores. She always uses her hands to do some work. Although we helped her doing the chores but still my mother work hard everyday doing anything. She felt the pain from her wrist and fingers from working and writing. Luckily, IMAK products provide that kind of help so she can continue to enjoy her active lifestyle as a mother, teacher and friend to all of us. So I checked the carpal tunnel relief website where you can choose variety orthopedic products that is a great tool to help her prevent repetitive stress injuries and to work in greater comfort at the office, school or at home so she could get that relief for her wrist. As one of the bloggers, I also recommend this to everyone for a greater comfort while blogging. So, grab one know and enjoy every bit of great relief while working or blogging.

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