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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Of Being Good Friends...

Last Tuesday night (central time - USA), I had the chance to talk to my one of a kind friend. He's been my classmate and good friend since we were in High School. Pretty much, we enjoyed the same thing. We talk and share opinions together. We love to eat, watch movies and just hang out around anywhere. Just a quick note: We Are Not Lovers! We just have this platonic love for each other for 13 years now and counting. He has been there for me all the time when I feel like I wanted to give up on something. He supports my opinion towards the things and we have been partners-in-crime every time we wanted to do such crazy things.

Just recently, he wrote a blog A keepsake you call MEMORIES.... I was deeply touched! I have thought all of our happenings being together while both were still struggling in a university and we're classmates for the second time in College. It was so cool! A good friend and classmate all packed as one. I can't complain much because it was like I have found a best buddy that I can turn to and get some help when I needed something. I miss his company. Now that we are miles apart, the only thing we communicate is through chatting. We may have our own lives now but our wonderful friendship will always remain. I am sure that someday we will see each other and just hang around and be happy reminiscing the past as we always do that when we're together.

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