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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lost For Words

It has been 9 days now since I started working as a receptionist. All I thought having the job would make it easier for me as I have 8 months experience being in the crowd as a call center agent back at home. I was wrong! I get to meet and talk to people, basically the Americans and Canadians personally and I have to deal with them face to face. My first day was totally busy than I have expected. It was also my first day at work as well as my training. I have to be alert all the time. Take calls, make reservations, register a customer and even do the financial statement. Luckily, I have few backgrounds in the subject of Accounting or else I am totally nothing in this kind of job. I am lost for words at times that I have to rephrase my sentence, words, and even correct my grammars in my mind so the people will have a better understanding when I am talking to them personally or simply just taking a phone call.

Here I am now, battling and struggling in the real corporate world. Learning the basics and starting from scratch again! I know in myself that I am not a dumb. It takes a while for me to learn. I know I am a fast learner. My mind can't absorb easily all the task that has been put to me in one day but I will do better until I can get the hang of it. I simply smile at my own mistakes. Nobody is perfect. For sure, a lot of people struggle too in their first day, first week, first month of the job but in time I will be fine. I will take it easy, one at a time, step by step because learning is a process. At the end of the day, I know everything will be paid off because I will earn my own salary came from my own sweat and hard work.


adei said...

hi yads mao jud na akong feeling katong bago pko job I salute u kay its not easy working in a foreign land & speaking with them face to face....mau nlng dli nakau heavy ang workload...goodluck yads i know kaya rana

hazelicious929 said...

thanks yadz! mao jud oi, murag nabulol man ko mag english sa lain nga people unlike with my situation with my husband because I am allowed to get some mistakes, pero kani jud sa work, murag dili ko maganahan magka mistakes ko pero I am sure I will get better... Take care Adei

adei said...

kasabot ko yads kay kun comfy ta sa person kay mafluent or wla ta kibs magenglish kay u know na balo ta dli cla manaway pro naa jud times dli nata kahibalo unsa isulti tungod maconscious ta like my boss nga british kun magtalk cya sa ako mura ko matamimi kay maconscious ko sa uban mag pinoy kay u know na particular kau cla ug u know hehehe Goodluck yads

hazelicious929 said...

mao jud Adei, for the mean time, I am getting better because I am making a list so I know what to say on the phone and in personal hehehe study jud ko gamay sa grammars oi hehehe